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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Generating Leads

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Digital marketing and branding agency is a field of high stakes. You have to be very efficient and cautious regarding each aspect of your marketing campaign. It takes effort and struggle of months to take your website to the point where it starts generating leads. Your website is not assessed solely based on your products. It is judged on several criteria including its content, its design, its user-friendliness, and several other factors. Even compromising one of them can affect your lead-generating process. Today, we will discuss 5 top reasons why you are not generating leads, and how to rectify these problems.

Publishing of poor content:

Your blog is the sustenance and alimony of your website. it introduces your product to the customers. It creates a positive first impression of your website to the people who visit it. your blog plays an important role in the leading generation and conversion process. The content you put on your website must be properly written and appear as the solution to the customer’s problems. It should thoroughly describe your product or the service your business is offering. Poor font and silly grammatical mistakes can drive your most valuable leads away from you. Always proofread your content before publishing it. it should be thorough but not too dragged. It should have the power to convert your viewers into regular customers. Poor content will make your existing customers leave your service as well.

Confusing designs and layouts:

One of the reasons that your website is not generating leads might be the fact that your website is too confusing to navigate. Many best web development services agency and graphic designers design websites by adding too many graphics and images and other things that might distract the visitors from the key information. They might get confused and leave the website without buying anything.

The most effective layout for a website is the F layout. With the content starting from the left and key information like the call to action, phone number, subscribe button, etc. on the top right side. The remaining content of the blog is on the left side. This format is most followed by people’s scanning habits and will make it easier for visitors to locate key content.

Complicated forms and landing pages:

When it comes to signing forms or reaching the landing pages, your website should have visible and easy-to-follow options and must not force the visitors to figure out where they are located. The next step must be clear and uncomplicated for your visitors. Otherwise, they will be forced to leave your page and visit another one.

The lead generating pages must be simple and easily readable. Keep the graphics and designs minimal. The key information and landing pages must be visible to the browsers and set apart from the secondary information. If you put a form, make sure that it is easily filled and readily uploaded.

No calls to action:

Your website might also not be generating leads from your visitors because you are not asking them to do so. People visit your landing page read your content and then what? They leave and never come back even when you post content that might be useful to them. The reason is that you are not putting any call to action on your website.

You have to be direct to your visitors about what do you demand from them. It can be either to subscribe to your web page or newsletter to attract your customer through email marketing services company. Or the “Add to cart” option when you want your visitors to complete the sale. This action will increase your lead generation by up to 50% or more.

Not mobile-friendly:

Your website might not be generating because it might not be mobile-friendly. Most of the users on the browsers use mobile phones or tablets with an android system. You must develop separate and user-friendly interfaces for both desktop and mobile users. As more customers use mobile as their browsing device, the poor mobile interface of the website might make them uncomfortable while using your website. to sort this issue, you can create a mobile application of your website that will be easier to use and will help you generate more leads from the website.


Generating leads is the primary goal of digital marketing on a website. not achieving this goal even after many efforts can be very frustrating, but it means that you are lacking somewhere. We have discussed above the top 5 reasons why you are not generating leads and how to solve these issues timely. To get more information Click Here