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Google Algorithm Explained

1 05 01

The most widely used search engine in the world is Google. Hundreds and thousands of searches are made on Google every second. There are billions of websites and information on the web and it is quite a task for Google to present you with the most relevant results for your searches. If you are in the digital marketing field, you must have heard the word ‘Google algorithm’. Google algorithm is a complex system of codes and programs that enables google to find, locate, rank, and present you web results most relevant to your web search. Although the Google algorithm is a complex topic to be discussed by programmers and web developers, you must have the basic know-how of the topic so you can utilize it in marketing your own business.

What are algorithms in general?

Before explaining the Google algorithm, we must make sure you are aware of what algorithms are in general. Algorithms are a set of mathematical instructions to perform a task in a finite number of steps. The algorithm sets the steps for the system or computer to perform a very specific task. It could be a simple math function like calculation or it could be as big as finding and ranking website results for a search query. Although algorithms are more complex than these examples, you can get a vague concept of what algorithms are and how they work.

How does the Google algorithm work?

Google algorithm is also based on the same basic rules of a simple algorithm. Whenever you make a search on google about anything, the Google algorithm searches the web from billions of websites to find the most relevant results based on your search. For more than 20 years, Google has been continuously mapping the web, creating an index or a library of information. You can either type the single word, its description, or even the wrong spellings and google would provide you with results within seconds.

How are keywords involved in the Google algorithm?

Keywords are one of the key aspects that help the google algorithm to find results according to your searches. Keywords appear everywhere on the website. the pages containing the keywords of your search are most likely to appear on the top of the result page. But the location of these keywords matters a lot as well. Like whether they are on the header, on the title on the image description, etc.

How does it determine which aspect is more important?

Google determines which factors matter the most while reading the web page. When it browses through a web page it assigns a numerical value to each factor according to its importance on the search result. The website with the highest number of favorable traits is ranked highest on the google result page. These calculations are performed by google within microseconds.

The rankings assigned by the Google algorithm are not rigid rather fluid. A result that ranks first for a certain search might rank third for another and tenth for another.

Google algorithm for SEO:

Google algorithm for search is flexible. It can be altered by the user himself by changing names, spellings, or even characters of the search. Google algorithm for search solely depends upon what the person searches. An individual searching lasagna recipe would get very different results from the one searching for cute puppies’ videos.

The google algorithm provides the users a wide variety of personalization on the search. Google algorithm will provide results even on typing one term in the search bar. It uses a different kind of algorithm to create a drop-down menu based on the user’s interests, search history, and several other factors. This prevents people who visit the same websites quite often to type it all over again every time they need to visit it.

Do not try to outsmart the Google algorithm:

An idea that often floats around is that the more the keywords inserted, the more important or higher the ranking will the website get on the search results page. This is a misconception as Google penalizes those websites that stuff keywords in their content to get a higher ranking. That’s why you should avoid trying any SEO practices or black hat practices trying to outsmart the Google algorithm. Because Google will notice it one way or another and take action against you, which will affect your SEO ratings, it’s always a good idea to incorporate professional SEO consulting services in your digital marketing strategies to ensure ultimate results.   


Google algorithm has revolutionized the whole web searching experience. Millions of your search-related websites are presented to you within microseconds, thanks to the Google algorithm. Understanding the basic working of this function will help you utilize its features in your digital marketing. As the best SEO company, Complete Bridge Solutions stands by you to ensure you get the top rankings