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Our facilities in Mexico

Baja California has a State-Of-The-Art technology infrastructure and professional IT personnel to handle the most advanced Coll Center requirements. The region of Baja California and Southern California with the cities of Tijuana. San Diego and Los Angeles, work together in support of technology and infrastructure development on both sides of the border. This co-effort continues to make Baja California extremely attractive for Call Center operations.

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Nearshore Benefits


Mexico agent rates and overhead expenses are up to 50% less than the U.S.


Your management team maintains control of the agents, processes and performance indicators.


Abundant labor pool of bilingual, bicultural and experienced agents.


Strategic Call Center location: Baja California (minutes from San Diego, California).


Cultura alignment to North American markets.


State-of-the-Art technology infrastructure.

Immediate Competitive Advantage!

Our Customers realize an immediate Competitive Advantage because of the huge cost savings benefit a Mexico Call Center provides and the close proximity to the U.S. 

This proximity allows your management team to maintain control of the agents, processes and ensures performance standards are met. 

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For over 60-years top Global Companies have been investing in Mexico. In particular the Baja California region (adjacent to California) is home to many fortune 500 companies utilizing the region for high-quality manufacturing and call center business functions.

This region has fostered great Cultural Alignment with the U.S. and features a workforce and education system build around U.S. business needs. Baja California has a labor pool population of over 5 million people, who value prestigious Call Center career opportunities. 

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