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Pay Per Click Management

Full-Service PPC Management

Bing Ads and Google Ads (also known as pay-per-click advertising) are the most profitable and widely used forms of online advertising. It is also complicated, constantly changing, and time-consuming. We’ve assembled an in-house team of industry specialists who can Social Media Optimization manage even the most sophisticated pay-per-click campaigns using Google Ads and AdWords.   

Paid Media

Each paid campaign is tailored to the individual customer, and we conduct regular A/B testing to identify the best-case scenarios that will yield the most profitable outcomes for your brand.   

Google Ads

Our members of the pay-per-click team are professionals in their respective fields. These experts dedicatedly develop conversion-driven, unique copy to complement our paid marketing initiatives.    

Bing Ads

We have the ability to use various search platforms and stay current with technology. With Bing Ads, our PPC management team can assist you in increasing your presence beyond Google!       


Designing bespoke, attention-grabbing images and combining them with high-quality placements are our specialties. Custom media buys are used in conjunction with programmatic display advertising.   

Facebook Advertising

With our precise interest and demographic targeting, you can expect your brand’s visibility to skyrocket. Using our Facebook advertising campaigns, we will reach audiences you were unaware you had!       


To gain back or follow up with new or current users, our pay-per-click management is able to strategize and reach high-intent audiences with exact audience segmentation.

We Make Pay-Per-Click Management Simple

We understand that paid marketing may be a demanding endeavor. There are so many levers to pull and variables to alter that it can feel stressful to watch your paid budget drain away while not knowing whether or not you’re getting any real return on your investment in the process. If you believe that your company’s pay-per-click efforts are falling short of expectations, it’s time to speak with us. We are an experienced pay-per-click management business that has assisted clients in achieving successful PPC results in a variety of industries. With expertise ranging from Google AdWords to social advertising, as well as tried-and-true strategies such as custom landing pages designed to turn leads into customers, our team is ready to provide your company with the nitro boost it needs.

Why Choose Us

ROI and Conversion-Centric Campaign for a Unique Brand Experience

Real people are the ones dealing with your adverts, website, and brand on a daily basis, and real people are quite selective about the types of messaging and advertisements that they respond to. Effective advertisements go beyond simply attracting the user’s attention. Using these, you may tell a story about your company and demonstrate your value proposition. In a quality commercial, the images and design will transmit just as much essential information as the words in the advertisement.

Even more important than the content of your website is the design of your landing pages. To be successful, a website must not only be visually appealing and clear in its messaging but must also be optimized for conversion rate. When you invest money in traffic acquisition, you need to be certain that you are doing all possible to convert that visitor into customers and prospects. Our team is comprised of some of the most talented graphic designers and conversion rate optimization specialists in the business. Your story will be effectively told, and your website will be optimized for success because we have all of the resources necessary.

Our Pricing

Affordable Pricing Plans

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Pay-Per-Click Management FAQs

Pay-per-click management (also known as PPC management) is a service that is most typically provided by marketing agencies. It entails the steps of conducting research, strategizing, designing, and distributing pay-per-click advertisements. As part of this role, you will be responsible for supervising the ad expenditure associated with the PPC marketing process, as well as performing some level of landing page design and conversion rate optimization.

Pay-per-click advertisements are online advertisements that appear on search engines, websites, and social media platforms. Rather than paying to have your advertisement shown, you only pay when your advertisement is actually clicked on. A user is directed to your website when they click on one of your links. As a result, your website’s traffic volume increases.  

When you hire a company to provide pay-per-click services, you may expect them to handle the following tasks:

  • Keyword research: Examining which keywords to use as targets. In addition, what search terms are being looked for in order to match them to PPC advertising is being tracked as well.
  • Competitor research: An in-depth examination of the market, as well as the methods and strategies employed by competitors. This information is useful in determining bids, targeting, and approach.
  • Channel selection: Whichever type of PPC advertisement you want to run, a professional will assist you in determining which platform is most appropriate for your needs.
  • Ad Copy Writing: Assuring that advertising material is written with a specific purpose in mind. Incorporating the problem and solution for the user into the search ads is what we call “problem-solving.”
  • Ongoing monitoring: It will be necessary to make adjustments to achieve optimal results.
  • Negative match: To effectively optimize ad expenditure, it is necessary to filter out users who are unlikely to convert.
  • A/B testing: Versions of an advertisement are evaluated against one another to find the most effective method for ongoing advertisements.

When it comes to increasing website traffic, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows you to target specific demographics, interests, and geographic regions of the audience you are attempting to reach through advertising. As a result, you have greater control over who sees your information and can better target their requirements.

Users are motivated to click on your adverts since they are tailored to fit the specific demands of these target audiences. When this strategy is applied to hundreds or even thousands of people, traffic increases as a result of the exponential growth, this is why PPC management services are so important to businesses when it comes to boosting traffic to their websites.

A PPC management service can add significant value to your company’s marketing efforts, regardless of your industry. Here are some of the benefits of working with an agency to look forward to:

  • Incomparable specialist knowledge: There are a plethora of approaches that can be used to optimize PPC tactics and obtain outcomes. Rather than embarking on a time-consuming quest to discover what works best, a professional who specializes in pay-per-click management service can assist you in getting there more quickly.
  • Constant support: When you hire an agency to manage your PPC campaigns, you will have access to expert technical assistance and training. They will be able to help you find a solution to your problem much faster than you could on your own.
  • Get the upper hand on competitors: A professional can assist your firm in staying one step ahead of the competition and being competitive in the continual battle for attention in your industry by engaging their services.
  • Saves you time: Having an agency on your team to handle it means you may free up a significant amount of valuable time to devote to other vital parts of your company’s operations.
  • Metrics and Reporting: An advertising firm will be able to put together precise reports that will tell you exactly how well your advertisements are performing in the marketplace. Moreover, the team will be able to demonstrate what adjustments are being made to increase performance.
  • Regular Updates: When you hire an agency to manage your PPC campaigns, your responsibilities are minimized. There’s no longer any need to sift through mountains of documentation to obtain information about performance.

When a firm requires assistance in resolving issues online, they turn to Complete Bridge. We have all of the resources and talents necessary to develop ideas and solutions that can revitalize your company’s operations. We are able to develop results-driven PPC campaigns that are tailored to each client’s unique story because we immerse ourselves in their businesses and listen intently to pick up on pain issues.

If your company’s marketing organization is lacking a piece, and we’re that piece that completes the puzzle. We’re more than a vendor or an agency partners; we are a member of the team. To achieve our customers’ objectives and challenges, we only work with the most ambitious marketing specialists and data analysts who see our clients’ goals and budgets as their own and who use all of the tools at their disposal to suggest solutions to their problems.

Serving our clients and assisting them in their business success and growth is our greatest source of satisfaction. Our strategies are developed based on research, data, insights, and communication in order to provide the solution to your problems, giving success and scalability once applied.