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Professional Rebranding Services

Brands need to evolve from time to time in order for businesses to remain competitive in ever-changing markets. However, rebranding must be done with care in order to Graphic Design Service avoid alienating existing customers and clients. Complete Bridge collaborates with you to develop a new brand identity for your firm that will make you even more powerful than you were before.

New Logos

One of the most important rebranding methods is the modification of your logo. The use of a new logo will communicate to your customers that your brand’s identity has changed for the better.   

Shift Brand Position

By changing your brand positioning, you will be able to communicate to your customers what your new mission, values, or vision are. We can help you do that efficiently.     

Create New Ads

These advertisements should properly express the changes to your brand and what these changes represent for your clients. This attracts a new demographic and reaches a larger number of people.

New Brand Voice

If you’re rebranding your company, you should change the tone of your brand’s voice and announce your rebranding in the new tone of voice as soon as possible.

Brand Refresh

A process that’s a lot less time-consuming than completely rebranding your firm. Brand refresh requires changing all existing versions of your logo, printing materials, your website, and other design elements.

Full Rebrand

This involves completely ripping down your brand and re-establishing it from the ground up. You may need this when expanding your market into a different industry or when there’s been a significant change.    

Creative Solutions to All Your Rebranding Needs

A team of rebranding experts from Complete Bridge will work with you to build a new or updated brand that will take your company to the next level of success. We will work together to gain a deeper understanding of your objectives, goals, and mission statement. It is our intention to discuss where your company has been and where you would like it to go in the future. In the past, we have executed extensive rebranding strategies (ranging from logo design and development to complete brand style guidelines) and given several branding papers that may have been missing from your company during the rebranding process. Complete Bridge is the company to contact if you are looking to create a new or refreshed brand for your business. We have extensive experience in assisting existing technology-oriented organizations through the rebranding process, which includes getting rid of old baggage, regaining market leadership, and generating new streams of business leads.     

Why Choose Us

Creating a Distinctive New Look for Your Brand

Even though rebranding an existing firm might be a challenging undertaking to perform, it is sometimes vital in order to maintain long-term success in a constantly changing market environment. Several companies have been successful in doing so, while others have been acquired or dissolved because they have lost their relevancy and, as a result, have suffered a decline in profitability. Involving the services of an outside firm can make the rebranding process more manageable because it allows you to rely on an unbiased source that is not influenced by your emotional history. Using cutting-edge technology, our branding experts will collaborate with you to discover the ideal positioning for your firm and then bring that new brand personality to life through fantastic web design, gorgeous marketing materials, and cutting-edge technology.

Rebranding your company successfully necessitates more than simply a fresh look for the corporate logo. For a firm to successfully rebrand, it must have a customer-focused vision, high-quality products and services, eye-catching marketing materials, and an updated corporate culture that supports the company’s future ambitions. Today is the day to set your company distinct from the competition with a new brand from Complete Bridge Solution!

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Rebranding is the process of altering the corporate image of a company or other organization. It is a marketing approach in which a previously established brand is given a new name, symbol, or design in order to attract new customers. A brand’s identity should be distinct from that of its competitors in the market. This is the concept behind brand repositioning. 

Companies may discover that their customers’ tastes and needs have changed over time or that their major consumer group has completely shifted. Other businesses may suffer from negative publicity or simply find themselves unable to compete in a highly competitive industry as a result of oversaturation. Business owners who commit to changing their brand over time can achieve long-term success, regardless of the rationale for doing so.

There are a variety of factors that influence a company’s decision to rebrand. One important component is the ability to establish a connection with clients. Rebranding is beneficial to a company’s success, but it may also be harmful at the same time. There is always the potential that consumers will not accept a new product or service. Some come reasons for rebranding include:

  • Change Your Image: One of the most typical reasons for businesses to change their branding is to indicate a new strategic business direction, which can be related to a merger or acquisition. It can also be utilized to shed any unfavorable or obsolete brand image, thereby clearing the way for a new beginning.
  • Differentiate Your Brand: Establishing your company’s uniqueness from that of your competitors is essential if you want to capture a larger proportion of the market and build an increasingly devoted consumer base. Particularly crucial and frequent in saturated markets such as those seen in the hospitality business is the necessity to distinguish oneself from the competition.
  • Increase Market Share: Many businesses decide to rename themselves after losing a significant amount of market share and experiencing a steady decline in their profit margins. In situations like this, the brand’s perceived value to its customers has deteriorated because the brand is typically outperformed by competitors in terms of quality or affordability, or perhaps both.
  • Stay Relevant: A number of businesses are deciding to rebrand themselves in the wake of the proliferation of smartphones, social media, virtual reality headsets, and free 2-day shipping in order to remain relevant in rapidly changing areas such as retail.

First, you will be allocated a professional project manager who will be responsible for overseeing the whole rebranding project. They will begin your rebranding process with a discovery meeting in which they will get to know you, your budget, your business, and the goals and objectives of your organization. We will also examine some of your competitors’ websites, as well as websites that you have stated you liked, in order to gain a better understanding of their branding. We will use this information to generate a proposal that you will be asked to endorse.

Following that, our brand designers will put together a series of prototypes for your new brand, which we will share with you for your first comments before moving forward. Once you have approved the new branding design, it is time to share it with the rest of the world! When it comes to launching your new brand, we can either provide you with the resources you need to do so on your own or assist you with the launch if that is your preference.  

Most business owners do not have the time or resources to spend on rebranding campaigns due to the time and resources required for everything from logo creation to choosing the typeface you want to use, copy tone and message you want to adopt, and other components of rebranding. If you have an in-house creative and marketing team, they most likely don’t have the time to halt what they’re doing in terms of acquisition and retention to focus entirely on a rebranding project. If you do not have an in-house creative and marketing team, you’ll have to consider hiring one. As a result, the project’s completion date is delayed. In most cases, most agencies lack the necessary knowledge to complete a rebranding project. Many simply focus on logo design, so you won’t get comprehensive guidance for your company’s branding.

When you make Complete Bridge a part of your rebranding team, not only will we construct a new and updated brand for you, complete with all of the materials you will require to maintain and maintain consistency with the brand, but we will also develop a brand for you in the most cost-effective method possible. We enjoy working with businesses and organizations on a reduced budget since we believe they are in desperate need of our branding expertise. We are also quite efficient. Your marketing and creative teams can continue to work on their current projects while we devote our full attention to your rebranding initiatives. 

There is no such thing as a brand that lasts forever. It requires occasional maintenance—and a big remodeling every few years—to maintain it up to date, engaging, and relevant in today’s world. After all, your brand was created to speak to a specific segment of the population at a specific time. However, your marketplace is constantly changing, and even the most powerful businesses recognize that they must adapt in order to keep their competitive advantage.

If you are a professional services organization, we can provide you with a comprehensive suite of rebranding services, whether you require a complete brand update, a strategic evaluation of your positioning, or a whole new logo. And we do it in a way that no other agency can.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies all around the world. We collaborate with a few of the most prestigious companies in the industry. Also included are the up-and-comers. The reason they come to us is that they want to collaborate with the most skilled and experienced branding services team in the industry. Our team is also engaged in continual research to gain a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the sectors in which we operate. We provide them with the brand tools they need to become leaders in their own right. No other branding business goes to such efforts to stay aware of your industry and find the aspects that contribute to success as ours does.