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Top 5 SEO Myths and the Truth Behind it

complete bridge solution 5 top seo myths

There is only one thing that can be confidently said about the digital world; it is in a state of perpetual change. Something popular and working today will be out of fashion and useless tomorrow. And that is where most myths and misconceptions are born…

The same is true for SEO. Since Google always changes the way it works, some practices of SEO that might work today will not necessarily work tomorrow. And when you don’t update yourself with what is vogue or in, you end up with what is called SEO myths.

However, it is very difficult to keep yourself updated on how to do these search engines work so you can best optimize. A lot of times the people who control these search engines do not make themselves clear about the way it works. Hence we don’t know how search engines operate and what factors could impact them. That is why we end up with so much SEO advice which is not accurate. Before we unfold the truth behind such advice/myths, we ought to know why there are so many of them and how these myths are formed. The following are some of the reasons why SEO myths abound.

  • Some myths are still believed but the search engines have been updated and the old ways don’t work now.
  • Oftentimes, minor and irrelevant factors are substantially exaggerated.
  • Some SEO methods might work for one website but not for others. Such methods are then generalized and become a myth.
  • A myth can appear as a red herring; competitors trying to astray and dumb down their competition.
  • Sometimes correlation is taken as causation. As we know many factors can influence the search result; an activity or method being successful for one case doesn’t mean that it caused it.

Whatever are the causes of such myths, one thing is sure. They are misleading and can hurt your website and your business. It is then mandatory to know what works and whatnot. So let’s discuss a few common myths and the truth behind them so that we can save ourselves from unnecessary waste of resources and time.

1. SEO is Irrelevant Now

Yup! You read it right. People can go to such lengths and say ‘SEO is dead. It’s more of utter nonsense than a myth but it should be addressed first and foremost.

SEO works. Absolutely! If it didn’t work, how are websites pulling in hundreds of organic traffic to their websites? How are they ending up on top of search results?

The answer is simple. SEO works. But how effectively? It depends on the right approach and techniques. From keyword search to perfect meta descriptions. If one gets all these parameters right, the chances of ending up on the top of search results and gaining organic traffic increase substantially.

2. The more the Social Signals, the Better the Ranking

This one sounds a bit tricky because logically speaking if the content is being shared through different social media sites such Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it will have more traffic and backlinks (which is one factor in ranking) but that’s it. According to John Mueller, Google’s search advocate, social media signals don’t directly affect ranking. That is because it is very easy these days to buy social signals and followers.

3. The Goal is to Rank No.1

Logically speaking if you are on top, you would get more organic clicks and that is true to some extent.  Also, it follows that nobody pays attention to the lower websites. But ultimately there are a lot of other things to take into account as well.

First, smart consumers and searchers don’t always click on the first page they see. They click on those pages which has better titles and meta descriptions. In other words which matches the searcher’s intent. After the users click on your website, the job is not done yet. You have to keep the users engaged throughout the read with quality content. Otherwise, there is no point in just landing them on your site and them getting disappointed and leaving instantly.

4. Content is Not That Important: Backlinks are!

Yes, backlinks are important but not that much. They were important in the good old days but google has made changes to its algorithm. Now, what is important though is the quality of backlinks as well as of content.

What will happen if a user lands on your site and does not find your content convincing? They will bounce. And if the content does not do what it is supposed to do i.e to keep the readers engaged or convince him/her to buy something then what is the point? That is why quality content is as important as the backlinks which give credibility to your site.

5. SEO is a One-time Deal

SEO is more like building a habit or retaining an old one. If you miss something here and there, you will be ok. But if you completely abandon it, you are doomed. It’s gone.

if you don’t constantly work on optimization and does not your content fresh, you are bound to lose traffic after a while. That might be because your competitors are working on theirs or your content might lose freshness. That’s is why SEO is a long-term deal, not a one-time activity. You constantly need to work on the optimization of your site to stay relevant and on top.


This might not be a very scrupulous and comprehensive list of SEO myths but these are very common. Certain myths are based on previous practices and are irrelevant now. Others are straight nonsense. It’s up to you to keep yourself updated and avoid red herrings.